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Requirements of a Unity Sand Ceremony

Unity sand is one of the most popular unity ceremonies in a wedding ceremony as a symbol of unity and togetherness among the bride and groom or between two families if parents are involved at the sand unit ceremony. Sand unity ceremony is preferred for outdoor wedding ceremonies compares to candle lighting that goes off soon after lighting it because of the blowing wind and also sand unity ceremony is better of the candle lighting since it holds memories together for a longer period as it can be used as display at home as a sign of the unity and togetherness. Unlike for candle lighting unity sand is convenient for an outdoor wedding since it is not bothered if the day is too windy or not.

Steps involved in a unity sand are as follows. The master of ceremony or officiate says a few words about the ceremony and the essence of the ceremony then he or she hands the bride and groom a glass of different colored sand, the firsts person who is likely to be the groom pours a little sand at the bottom of an empty jar. If the unity sand ceremony involves other parties such as the parents of the bride and groom they take a turn each one of them with a different color of sand. After the groom also pour a layer they simultaneously pour the sand together into the vase to form a mixture of colors that represents’ the families unity. If there are other people involved a couple can preserve their sand so as to pour in as the last once.

In preparation to a unity sand ceremony there are a number of items you will need. The different color of sand is determined by the number of people who will take part in the unity sand. The size of vase that you require to pour in the sand will determine the amount of sand you need since too much space should not be left unfilled. Preferably a pound of sand of different color is good enough for the sand unity ceremony with as many different colors as the participants. There should be pouring tubes for each person; the tube should have a narrow top to ensure it pours cleanly and most essentially when pouring together into the common vase. The empty jar or vase that will be poured in the unity sand should be elegant and big enough to allow enough space to pour in the sand. You will also need a small table where the participating people involved can move around it, also there is need to have some cotton wool or cotton balls preferable to fill the empty space that may be unfilled after the unity sand is all poured in to ensure easy transportation of the jar at home and avoid any alteration of the sand layers, finally a tape is vital to seal the top of the jar.

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